Mark Walker - Reduction Sale Of Stock [Part I]

Mark Walker - Reduction Sale Of Stock [Part I]

Excelsior Pigeon are delighted to present an amazing draft of pigeons to their clients that will really set pulses racing.

Mark Walker has had a contract with Rudy Van Reeth for the last few years that has ensured that the very best of his bloodlines come across to the UK

Mark is now in a position where he needs to drastically reduce the numbers at Stock, and as such a dazzling array of DIRECT Rudy Van Reeth's and their children are offered on the open market.

Here you'll find only the very finest of Rudy's bloodlines and there's significant bloodlines and breeders of winners coming on to the open market.

This is a golden opportunity to strengthen that all important Stock loft with some talented sprint/middle distance pigeons.

There's no doubting that winners will come from this draft of pigeon - there's too much talent for that not to happen.

It'd be unfair to single out a particular pigeon, but this "VINCE" line is one that really appeals to a number of people that I've spoken to.